The Pursue Your It Professional Development Program is the perfect system for anyone who has a sense that things could be better. If you are seeking to improve performance, unlock potential, and create solutions, Cindy Miller will inspire and challenge you to “Own It”. Delivered as a half day workshop or full day seminar you will learn the why, what, and how to pursue your it.  Individuals who complete this program will be better equipped to compete in today’s work force.

The Pursue Your It Personal Development Program is for individuals who are looking to improve their lives. Whether there is something missing, a desire to change careers, or in need of renewed enthusiasm, this program is what you’ve been looking for. This six week program includes online assessments, personal debriefs, goal setting sessions, and coaching calls.

When they are firing on all cylinders, as a unified team, companies get ahead. To compete, your team must be sharp, operating at peak efficiency, working at the same level, and with similar strategies that win teams Super Bowls, Ryder Cups, and World Series. Great teams are actively developed. High performing teams with a commitment to perceiving and balancing individual and team strengths are better able to capitalize on opportunities.

This session is interactive and requires participants to engage with Cindy and fellow attendees.

With insights distilled from Cindy’s approach, a new way of relating emerges, side stepping past limitations to team performance. Each participant will discover their personal behavior style, discern the styles of others, and learn to effectively communicate with team members.

Each participant will map out a plan to facilitate team development at the office.

People play golf like they live their life. If you pay close attention to playing partners, you’ll learn a lot about them. In this program, Cindy teaches you to identify the character traits revealed throughout the course of eighteen holes. These traits will help you determine whether you want to do business with these individuals and their companies.

Do your thoughts and actions undermine your relationships or help to cultivate new ones?

How do you handle adversity?

Are you honest?


Do you follow rules?

What are you revealing on the course? Are your actions helping or hurting your business relationships?  You will learn the proper etiquette and gain the confident to accept that next golf invitation. 

What motivates employees or clients? Knowledge of an individual’s motivators can tell us WHY they do things the way they do. Some may hunger for recognition while others crave something more tangible. Some need a return on investment, while others seek power. Can you learn to discern what your employees and clients ultimately desire? You can. With the knowledge of values you can encourage employees and clients in a way which satisfies their inner drive. Imagine the benefits to the bottom line knowing what motivates an employee or client right from the start!

This session is interactive and requires participants to engage with Cindy and fellow attendees.

Each participant will discover their personal motivators and practice discerning the motivators of others. Team exercises will facilitate learning this information to ensure the principles are fully understood and can be taken back to the office to better the bottom line.

Leveraging the game of golf as a business tool will afford you opportunities to canvas, cultivate, and maintain relationships both on and off the course. Cindy shares the value of having the game of golf in your personal tool chest and the importance of knowing the culture, etiquette and rules of the game. You will gain the skills, confidence, and courage to accept that next golf invitation.

This session must be delivered on a golf course/driving range property. In a golf dome or outside is acceptable.  Golf clubs, balls, and comfortable shoes are required.

“I can tell more about how someone is likely to react in a business situation from one round of golf than in a hundred hours of business meetings.”  Mark McCormack, Author of “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School”

Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Pursue Your It Pilot Program

Cindy’s Youth Development Programs are not only FUN, they are created to teach attendees goal setting skills, the value of hard work, and making good choices. The Buffalo Promise Neighborhood and M & T Bank have have opened their arms to The Pursue Your It Program.

National Meetings

Cindy Miller is a sought after speaker and corporate trainer. She has delivered The It Box keynote to many fortune 500 companies. This motivational experience can be delivered as a standalone keynote address or paired with enlightening behavior assessments in either a half day workshop or full day seminar.

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Improve Your Team From The Inside Out has proven to be an exceptional event for our Executive Golf Day.” – G.M.M., PresidentInternational Association of Microsoft Certified Partners

“Cindy and Allen did a superb job in meeting the specific needs of our group of Sales and Marketing Professionals. I would recommend then to any/all organizations looking to increase employee results.” – T. L. Procter & Gamble Marketing 

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to once again give you my sincere thanks for a great day! It definitely exceeded my expectations! Thanks for a truly FUN day. You are awesome!”    –  L.L., Vice President/ Diiector, Investment Product Marketing The Hartford