About Us

Meet Cindy Miller

From the back nine of major championships to the meeting rooms of major corporations, Cindy Miller is a leading expert at taking another shot.
A former LPGA Tour Player, LPGA National Teacher of the Year, current member of the Legends Tour of the LPGA, she is an Author, Speaker, and Corporate Trainer.
As a Certified Behavior, Motivation, Judgment, and Emotional Intelligence Professional, she delivers programs that create team synergy. The Pursue Your It Program increases efficiency, engagement, and communication.  
For those seeking to improve performance, unlock potential, and create solutions, she inspires and challenges you to "Own It".
In Business. In Sport. In Life.

Our Story

The Pursue Your It Project was born to deliver the core message that is near and dear to Cindy Miller’s heart.
Everyone has challenges.
Sometimes those challenges have been created by outside forces.
What can you do about them?  You can choose to become aware of your options.  
Look in in the mirror, to see what is possible.
Plant a seed and do something about it.